Especially in hospitality industry, creating Smoke-free environment does bring more benefits that are impactful to the bottom-line. We learn that 100% Smoke-free accommodation is popular among smokers and non-smokers; demand for such accommodation is on the rise. Less costly cleaning and maintenance is required for Smoke-free accommodation, insurance liability is reduced, less damage on furniture caused by smoke residues, simplify booking of rooms are some of the many reasons why hoteliers are moving to establish Smoke-free environment in their facilities. Promoting the Smoke-free environment as a healthy and wellness to one’s lifestyle also raises the image and reputation of the establishment.

To other commercial industries, having a Smoke-free initiative implemented does bring similar significant benefits. More and more housing developments around the world, especially in the west are developing registries for complete Smoke-free communities. The motto that resounds in these communities is about Healthier Living, Happier Residents, and Smarter Investment. One good example is in the State of Minnesota, USA, such registry and advocacy for Smoke-free environment exists state-wide. Their main purpose and focus is to educate, promote, provide guidance, and draw greater support towards healthy living that is free from smoking.
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Commercially, having such “safer” environment does attract better renters, and better gains for property owners. Properties that are free from the risk of being exposed to second-hand and third-hand smoke have better demands even among smokers themselves.