Smoke-free Certifed™ is the world’s first global business certification for 100% smoke-free environments. Backed by the Global Wellness Council, the Smoke-free Certified™ assessment methodology and certification standard has been designed to assist companies not only to create a 100% smoke-free environment but also benefit from it.

Smoke-free Certifed™ is distinguished by its rigor and focus on the impact 100% smoke-free environment has on businesses. The methodology uses a business approach that incorporates three key areas into the assessment: the physical building and surrounding, the business processes, and the participation and involvement of people.

Our mission is to use the Smoke-free Certifed™ global certification system and label to engage institutions across the world in establishing 100% smoke-free environments. By doing so, we ensure full compliance, assurance, and confidence by institutions that 100% smoke-free environment is established on premises which have been assessed.

For current non-smoke-free properties wishing to benefit from this global trend, we provide a turn-key consulting service that not only make the transition painless, but for businesses to reap the return on their investment rapidly and repeatedly.