SMOKE-FREE CERTIFICATION™ is the leading global assessment methodology and certification standard for 100% Smoke-free Environment. The SMOKE-FREE CERTIFICATION™ assessment methodology was developed by Global Wellness Council, an International Nongovernmental Organization. SMOKE-FREE CERTIFICATION™ has been designed to assist companies not only to create a 100% Smoke-free environment but also benefit from it.

THE SMOKE-FREE CERTIFICATION™ is distinguished by its rigor and focus on the impact 100% Smoke-free environment has on businesses. The methodology uses a business rather than a theoretical approach that incorporates three main key areas into the assessment. The three main key areas concentrate on the physical building and surrounding, the business processes, and the participation and involvement of people.

Our mission is to use the SMOKE-FREE CERTIFICATION™ global certification system and label to engage institutions across the world in establishing 100% Smoke-free environment. By doing so, we ensure full compliance, assurance, and confidence by institutions that 100% Smoke-free environment is established on premises which we have assessed. We also assist institutions by way of consultation whenever possible towards creating 100% Smoke-free environment. Bringing all these into one proper and clear perspective, our main aim and purpose are to engage as many institutions as possible to recognize this initiative as an important social cause in fighting smoking.

We are dedicated and committed to being the world’s leading global certification for 100% Smoke-free environment.