Global Wellness Council is a nongovernmental organization. Our aim is to work with institutions through various initiatives or partnerships to promote wellness. One of the initiatives which we have been shouting about is Smoke-free Certification™.

Through this initiative, GWC works with institutions to establish a zero-tolerance environment against smoking. The Smoke-free Certification™ forms an endorsement or an assurance that such an environment is created without any compromise.

The certification is overseen by a certification board called the Smoke-free Certification Board. Its members are represented by eminent individuals from around the world who are reputable and highly regarded in the respective field of academia and industry. They provide counsel and guidelines on the parameters that define the certification.

Views from the public and especially from legislative bodies are taken seriously in shaping the approach and process of the certification.

Our intention is not to “discriminate” smokers but to protect the innocent nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand and thirdhand smoke which are equally dangerous and harmful to health as with smokers themselves.