At Global Wellness Council our mission is to democratize wellness for everyone through the GWC Game Changer™ of: information, choice and access.

We work with institutions through our various initiatives to promote Total Wellness™. These include the Smoke-free Certified™, the world’s first truly global business certification for 100% smoke-free environments.

The certification is overseen by a certification board made up of eminent academicians and business leaders from around the world, and sets the new standards for both the planning and implementation of 100% smoke-free environment.

This incorporates both the global efforts by the WHO, as well as key legislations from across the world. By adopting the Smoke-Free Certified™ standard, you are in compliance with most local laws, and are part of an elite group of properties worldwide that are at the forefront of pushing a 100% smoke-free environment.

The Smoke-Free Certified™ goal is not to discrimate against the smokers – but to protect the rights of property owners to lower costs and higher returns. And the rights of everyone to clean air.

Smoke-free Certified™. The global business certification for 100% smoke-free environments.