From the reports by World Health Organization, we can see that despite many efforts have been taken by various government agencies and world bodies, the trend of smoking has not declined at a rate that we hope to see. In fact, in some countries, the number of tobacco users has increased instead of decreased.

WHO reported in May 2017 that tobacco kills more than 7 million people each year. The preventable death figure is about 40% more than previously reported 2 years ago. If the same rate applies to the number of tobacco users, we will have close to 2 billion tobacco users in less than 10 years from the 1.1 billion we have today.

In view of what has already been done and the limitations of what can be done to curb smoking from getting worse, we aim to take a more drastic and daring measure that hopefully by doing so would bring about a decline in smoking trend.

Our purpose is simple. We want to evangelize the urgent need of promoting clean air by establishing 100% Smoke-free Environment in properties around the world.